want to suggest a new translator or improvements to an existing one? have a bug or website issue to report? I'm all ears!


known issues

please do not send in requests to fix these issues! any messages regarding them will simply be deleted.

  • tiny text translator is missing uppercase C/F/Q/S/X/Y/Z and lowercase q
  • wolfspeak translator does not translate words immediately following or preceding punctuation
  • hewwotext translator sometimes makes odd emoji choices


I'd like to thank...

  • the amazing devs working on Laravel, jQuery, FontAwesome, and Bulma for saving me approximately eleven billion hours on coding
  • the likewise awesome people at IBM for their super cool Tone Analyzer service
  • KitsPix for the gorgeous background images
  • Pixel Sagas for the great work on making a Dovahzul font
  • and finally, huge props to the people at and for providing an awesome amount of reference material for the wolfspeak and dovahzul translators <3 I couldn't have done it without you guys!